Exercises for bad backs.
Stretches for back pain.

You don't need to live with chronic back pain. Medical professionals around the world recommend exercise as your best bet against non-specific back pain. You can start that here with our on-demand program or live classes.


Live Classes


Back and Core is the specialised exercise program for chronic, non-specific back pain provided by mBody in Budapest

We started offering Healthy Back classes and realised how much people really needed movement to reduce their back pain. 

As more people started working from home, more people wanted our classes, so we developed this program to make it more accessible.

All videos are recorded by our founder, Julian. You will meet him and the rest of the team when you join the online classes.

Welcome to step one to reducing your back pain.

84% of adults experience non-specific back pain at least once in their lifetime. When you do, you visit the doctor, you get pain medicine and for some that is the end of the story. For some. For many back pain becomes a constant companion.


Unfortunately for the majority of people, the pain remains undiagnosed. Non-specific back pain is the number one provider of pain and discomfort to adults and most people live with it. This is because they have never been told the UK government guidelines from the National Institute of Clinical Excellence recommends exercise.


You can access the right exercises here.

Why Exercise?

The body is highly adaptable and efficient. If you don't use something your body will dynamically remodel itself moving nourishment and resources elsewhere. This happens when you fear moving your back or stop using the muscles because of pain. Exercise concentrates your body's resources, replenishing those muscles. You teach your body to heal itself.

What is the program?

Our program teaches you the core principals on how to move to reduce stress and strain on the body. You'll learn the difference between alignment and posture and why breathing is so important to good posture. Through our principals you improve your strength and flexibility, to help reduce your back pain. 


You can access the program through On-Demand videos or join Live Online classes. To get the most out of this program we recommend you do the Fundamentals program first for just 10 Euros. It gives you a valuable overview of the concepts we use. Further modules can be bought if you need to deep dive into a concept.

What my clients say

Excellent sessions tailored for my problems (chronic lower back pain and persistent neck/shoulder stiffness) by an empathetic and very technically knowledgeable trainer. 


Sometimes, if you have a discomfort part, you can focus on stretching it. I can refresh every week through this place. :))


It has really benefitted my back as I suffered an injury many years ago. Julian is such a caring and friendly guy who is very knowledgable and puts together the right programme