Back4Good Professional, Level 3 UK and Level 4 EU qualified Pilates Teacher

Former sufferer of a bad back 

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Welcome to the site, it holds a program that is my labour of love. 


I suffered from back pain for years. I was a frequent gym goer, avid outdoorsman and I liked to burn the candle at both ends. ​


My lifestyle was the problem. Despite hours of exercise I'd let myself go. No amount of lifting weights teaches you to carry your body. I was in pain.

It wasn't until my wife brought me to a Pilates class that I started to feel relief. I had nothing to lose. I felt good after the first class. It was the first time I'd really moved my back in 2 years.


Fast forward to now. I have studied Pilates and then went on to complete the Back4Good qualification, recognised as a back pain professional by UK's back pain charity. Back4Good exercises are underpinned by the latest in research and clinical recommendations from the UK's National Institute of Clinical Excellence.

After working and learning from others, I started the mBody Pilates Studio in Budapest, and over time with feedback from my clients I have put together this program.  I think is an accessible way for people to fix their back pain. Delivered On-Demand or Live Online and priced so everyone can afford it.

My Philosophy

Listen to your body and let it body heal you