Back pain exercise program

This exercise program is for people with non-specific back pain and is underpinned by the latest in research, guidance and clinical recommendations from the UK's National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE). NICE sets the standards for the all care in the UK. 

Learn core principals on how to move to reduce stress and strain on the body. You will improve your strength and flexibility, to help reduce your back pain. 

The Program

You can access the program through On-Demand videos or join Live Online classes.


Start with the Fundamentals program for just 10 Euros giving you a valuable overview of the concepts we use.

Then either do further modules at your own time, in your own place or join our Healthy Backs class every Monday on Zoom.

Why exercise?

The body is highly adaptable and efficient. If you don't use something your body will dynamically remodel itself moving nourishment and resources elsewhere. This happens when you fear moving your back or stop using the muscles because of pain. It also happens when you are constantly seated, working at a desk, sitting on your couch.


Exercise concentrates your body's resources, replenishing those muscles. You teach your body to heal itself simply by moving the muscles that should be moved.


Choose which Modules suit you with monthly access you can stop anytime

  1. Start with the fundamentals

  2. Zone in on the aspects that resonate with your body

  3. Move on to practice videos

Live Classes

Practice weekly with an experienced teacher on zoom in your own home

  1. Start with the fundamentals

  2. Pay as you go or buy a block of 5 classes a

  3. Log on each Monday evening to the Healthy Back class at 1900 CET.