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Get advice

When you see your primary care physician or physiotherapist make notes on advice you have received from medical staff on what should be avoided, what should be rested now and moved later and what needs work now.


If you are on any drugs then ask your doctor or pharmacist if they are safe for exercise. Don't bring X Rays or MRIs, only what has been diagnosed.

How do you know an exercise is right or what happens if it gets worse?

Listen to your body. Mentally documenting irritable movements - those that cause further pain - and working gently with those as you slowly heal. If pain becomes intense refer yourself back to medical care.​

Can you cure it?

I don't offer cures but I do believe the body needs exercise to recover form and function. For those of us with back pain, as I have experienced as well, this requires appropriate exercise to strengthen muscles, increase flexibility and improve muscle recruitment so you move safely and well.​

Where can I find out more?

The Back Book

NICE Back Pain Guidelines

The BackCare Charity


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