Who should consider exercise for back pain

These exercises are good for people with Non-specific lower back pain. This presents with different symptoms and the trigger will change depending on the origin of the pain. Non-specific back pain is often called chronic back pain.

We emphasise that only a clinician can diagnose this. If you are not sure on the origin or type of pain please visit your primary health care provider.

Chronic pain

Non-specific lower back pain that is experienced for longer than 3 month or more effects by 84% of adults in their lifetime. In most instances you will have had MRI's, X-Rays and seen everyone by this point and not received an answer. It is at this stage you will be either sent to a physiotherapist or classified in the non-specific category.

Nerve pain

Nerve root compression results in sciatic pain (buttocks, back and side of leg) or femoral pain (front of the leg). Once your GP or physiotherapist is satisfied it is no longer going through the healing process then they are likely to recommend exercise to manage the issue.​

Know your pain

Before exercising make sure you have had it checked out by a primary care provider. There are many reasons why you might be in pain. It is the job of the health system to help you. Exercise will not help you diagnose the problem regardless of how your body responds to it.

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