Exercise for Back Pain

Exercise is recommended by the UK Governments National Health Service (NHS) for non-specific back pain. The effectiveness of exercise has been reviewed and recommended through UK's clinical guidelines.

Most exercises in the program are Pilates based which is a recommended exercise program for post-rehabilitation due to its accessibility, low impact and application to a wide age range.

MBodys' founder, Julian, started Pilates because of its reputation to manage or overcome chronic back pain and its effectiveness led him to become a teacher. As a certified Back4Good teacher we provide Pilates in line with the guidelines from UK's National Institute for Clinical Excellence (NICE), the gatekeeper to the NHS. Julian is also studying the UK Level 4 qualification in Applied Pilates focusing on how movement helps the entire anatomy recover.

Back4Good teachers are recognised by UK's BackCare Charity as Back Care professionals. Your Pilates teachers work as part of your lower back pain team using appropriate Pilates exercises to help you manage and minimise lower back pain.

We concentrate mostly, but not exclusively, on chronic (longer than 3 month old) lower back pain, experienced by 84% of adults in their lifetime. We concentrating on building strength in the support structures and removing movement restrictions that may provoke pain. The exercises work by improving poor movement patterns and posture that irritates or accentuates the pain. It teaches better muscle recruitment and improved range of movement.

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